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                               Equine Rescues and Sanctuaries

      Below are some links to a few dedicated organizations.  All are 501c3 non-profit. 
      Check them out.  These are the people on the ground,  in the trenches, doing the
      work, making a difference.  And there are many, many more, too numerous to
      list here.
                Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary 
                       United Pegasus

                       Habitat for Horses
                       United States Equine Rescue League/NC
                      The Humane Society of the United States

                      Best Friends Animal Society,  Kanab, UT

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                   On site at the kill pens

                                   Camelot Rescue

                                   Rosemary Farm


           Art and Artist Links

    Arts Daily South Carolina
    Provincetown Art Association and Museum
    Upstairs Artspace

       The Dogs of Proud Spirit
       The Horses of Proud Spirit
       Hoof Prints,  More Stories
       from Proud Spirit

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        Proud Spirit website or
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