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   Color, composition and the manner in which paint is applied to a surface--these are
    my first considerations.  The initial attraction is to the physicality of paint itself--the
    texture and viscosity of acrylic and oil--and the spring or resistance of the painting
    surface.  For me, these are the things that make painting compelling.

    As far as subject goes, it can be anything at all.  For many years figures were my
    main interest and I painted them almost exclusively. The figure paintings found a wide
    audience, but eventually I began painting textural abstracts and for the last number of
    years, equine themes. The horse paintings have most clearly defined my career.

    In the abstracted pieces, subtle color fields are layered then organized; dependent on
    one another for depth and variation in the finished piece. And  for what I hope conveys
    to the viewer an intended meaning free from literal interpretation.

    Beyond that, my aim  is that of most artists--to use the acquired skills in technique
    and medium to communicate a point-of-view.  There's a theme that runs through my
    representational work.  It has something to do with commonality and narrative.  I don't
    strive to convey it; it's been there from my earliest efforts.  For the non-representational
    work, just the opposite.

                My Horse Paintings

    The horses in my paintings don't inhabit
    literal-looking environments.  I leave out
    extraneous elements which I find to be a
    deterrent to making a solid painting.  I also
    leave out references to human influences and
    therefore rarely paint horses engaged in sports
    or otherwise performing.

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